Vitrail – EDF workshop

Project realised during the EDF workshop with European design students – April 2008

with Philipp Schuler, Jadwiga Rataj, Marcin Ebert and Pieter Van Lancker

In a modern city, there is light EVERYWHERE ! With the Vitrail project, we wanted to create a system logical and eco-friendly against light pollution, we wanted to create a magical experience for all !

Imagine a city where the light follows the people in public and private spaces. Where all windows have the capability to light up and show whatever you wanted to see. A place where personality is more than just clothes and accessories. Where every window is a personal computer. Such a city is not a dream; it can be created by VITRAIL.

VITRAIL is a system that consists out of two main components: VITRAIL windows and user keys. The windows are in fact transparent displays that are able to give light and show information. They are all connected to the Internet and central control system.  Another layer on the outside harvests the power of the sun and transforms it into electricity.

People can interact with the system by a remote control. This device is called a key and in combination with the windows it enables you to perform an unlimited arsenal of applications.

The VITRAIL system can be: a personal computer, a cell phone, a game console, a television, a GPS system, public screens, advertisement space…

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