Gobi by Gobilab


Last Sunday I was in Paris and I visited the exhibition « objet(s) » du numérique (digital objects) at Le Lieu du Design.

I have seen many interesting projects and especially one : GOBI ! Why have I been so interested in this project ? Because it speaks about WATER and since my project LifeDrop, I am interested about this issue.

GOBI is a new way to drink outside. Created in 2010 by Gobilab with the designer Cédric Ragot, GOBI answers to the question : how to reduce water consumption waste ? 2 billion plastic cups and around 7 kilos of plastic bottles are thrown out per person every year ! What a waste!

Gobi is a portable and reusable water bottle associated with a mapping of water points available on the Internet and mobilephones (Iphone, Androïd, Windows Phone).  The user can easily fill his bottle !!! I think there is here a real innovation !

The main characteristics of GOBI :

- it is transparent because the user wants to see his water to be sure of its cleaness.

- it is lightweight, less than 100 grams.

- it has a simple bottleneck.

- it can be customized.

- it has a small cove.

- it is in Tritan, a material without Bisphenol A (BPA).

- it can be used during many years.

- it is made in France.

For more information about GOBI :

http://www.gobilab.com/ (only in French)


Le Lieu Du Design, 74 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 75012 PARIS, until the 23rd of July !

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